Santorini Hotel Zephyros
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Santorini is by far one of the most interesting and popular destinations in Greece either chosen for leisure or cultural purposes. The surreal landscape and the numerous sites together with the astonishing black-sand beaches and the upgraded facilities for visitors guarantee that a visit to Santorini will always bring up memories in one’s life.

There are sites of unique archaeological and historical value on this island, which prove the constant creative human presence since the prehistoric times. The extremely evolved prehistorical city of Acrotiri and the town of Ancient Thira are the most important and exhibits can be admired in the museums in the capital of Fira..

Santorini is also widely known for its exquisite wines including the famous vinsanto . Many wineries (canavas) are open to visitors who are able to taste them. In wine museums you can learn more about the history and the secrets of this nectar.

Tradition and customs are not bypassed. On the contrary, they are cherished and preserved by the people of Santorini and are integrated in their modern culture. You will find many opportunities to bet closer to what really Santorini is, through festivals, tastes, products and agricultural methods, music and social events. In the folklore museum you can admire how a part of that tradition is exhibited.
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